First lambs of fall lambing 2016

image image                                                          Well Fall lambing officially started, I brought this ewe and anouther bagged up ewe in last night and thought this girl would be the first to go, she was just kind of picking at her  feed, starting to sink in, in the flanks. So I figured she would be the first, I went out at daylight to check a buck that was bit by a snake or a hornet , his head is swelled up like a basket ball and I could see two little white babies in the dark. Looks like ewe lambs , marked perfect, not too big and not too small. These are Indys first lambs to hit the ground, so happy with the size and it looks like no problems whatsoever ! Mom and babies are doing great! I will let her get them cleaned good and then go check her tits and make sure they are not plugged ! Twin Fullblood ewe lambs, it’s going to be a great day!

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