KJH Dorper Sheep Sires in Texas


Indy is our newest addition to the ranch and our breeding program. He was purchased at the April Duncan, OK sale, and it is Indy's Sire who was the Grand Champion Ram at the 2011 Southern States sale. We really like the conformation of Indy; his long body type, and being more narrow in the chest. He was introduced to our registered ewes in June for October Lambs. We are really excited to see these lambs.

SIRE 3C R394
TA Dorpers 1372
T Cude 805
DAM RF 4023
Embree Farms 0546
Cicle H Livestock 0071

Sir Spark A-lot

Sparky is one of our original breeding bucks, whom we acquired in early spring of 2013. We have been very happy with his even temperament, his lamb crops and his resistance to parasites. With parasites being one of the number one killers in the southern region of the US, one of our top priorities is breeding for resistance and fast growing lambs. As of this date and Sparky turning 4 years old, we are proud to say he has never needed to be dewormed.

SIRE Powell Ranch 8022
Powell Ranch 0275
Powell Ranch 7012
DAM Hodge Ranch 41
Hodge Ranch Y173
Hodge Ranch Y115


Ute is a outstanding yearling buck with the confirmation and genetics of HIJo and Riverwood stock. Ute has been gene tested and it certified RR therefore all of his offspring will be RR or QR a highly desirable traight in the sheep industry.

SIRE RF 5928
SR Ranch 0037
Double C Ranch 163
DAM Hijo B112
A Bar H Farm 625
A Bar H Farm 525


Doc is a Registered Full Blood, who was purchased from Dobbins Dopers and was our first Registered Dorper Buck. He is one of the most mild mannered Bucks that I have ever handled, as well as the most easy to keep. These are great traits that he passes on to his offspring. Easy to handle, easy keepers with great birth weights on his lambs.

SIRE Dana A1046D
Dobbins Dorpers 4003
WAG Dorpers F604
DAM RF 4333
Dobbins Dorpers 4053
Dobbins Dorpers 1225

Little Joe

Little Joe is also a Registered Full Blood who has Wag, Yucca Lilly and Dana on his pedigree. He has the look, and he is very long bodied with outstanding conformation. This year he and Sparky were turned out with the commercial ewes, and I am expecting some exceptional meat lambs this season.

SIRE Dobbins Dorpers 4003
Dobbins Dorpers 4123
Dobbins Dorpers 4053
DAM Dobbins Dorpers 4003
Dobbins Dorpers 4076
Dobbins Dorpers 4011