Lambing 2016

Ginger Babies

This is one of my beloved Spice Girls, when I came to Texas 6 or 7 years ago I bought two black belly ewe lambs to eat the poison ivy, the other ewe I retired last year so no babies for her. This morning  I walked through the ewes and sorted her out thinking by […]

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Twin Girls

More lambs early this morning,  I could see lambs in the cameras at 5 this morning, I went out to check and she had two big ewe lambs on the ground, already cleaned, dry and she had already cleaned out. They both have perfect marked black heads like Indy ! Love waking up to lambs […]

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First lambs of fall lambing 2016

                                                          Well Fall lambing officially started, I brought this ewe and anouther bagged up ewe in last night and thought this girl would be the first to […]

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Getting ready to Lamb

We have some serious baby bumps going on so today I am getting my lambing supplies together. I don’t know about your place but at this ranch if I need something its always at 2 o’clock in the morning and I cant find it or I’m out of it. So this year I will be ready, here  are some […]

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