KJH Dorper Sheep Ranch Hands

At KJH Dorper Sheep we have sheepdogs that live with our sheep, and we have herding dogs. The guards live with the sheep 24/7, 365 days a year rain, sleet or shine, to protect the sheep from area predators. We keep two dogs, Wesson and Dixie, with the ewes and two dogs, Smith and Chloe, with the bucks. Thelma stays around the house and protects the property. The three white females are purebred Great Pyrenees, and the boys, Smith and Wesson, are Anatolian Shepherds and Pyrenees crosses.

Our herding dogs are KD, CoDee, and Rooster. All three are Registered Border Collies. The collies save us 1000 steps a day, gathering, working and herding the sheep. They make a great team, are very loyal, and love nothing more than going to work. Our dogs are a very important part of the ranch, and we would not be able to do what we love if it wasn't for our Hands.

KD, Rooster, and CoDee

three dogs


Chloe, Wesson, Dixie, Thelma, and Smith