Old VW , I bought VW, her lamb and another ewe at a sale barn over 6 years ago. The only guy that was bidding on the trio was the meat buyer, I knew she had some age to her, but she was fat, she looked healthy and the thought of  her going to slaughter broke my heart, so I was determined she would go home with me instead of being loaded on a truck and to the end of her being. I ran the bid against the meat buyer up to some crazy dollar amount for the 3 of them and he finally gave up and waived off the auctioneer, maybe he decided I had more money than sense and let them go. Yea ! VW, her lamb and her buddy were going home with me ! They had only  been home  about 3 months when VW lambed a great big buck lamb, while she still had a lamb on her, so I ended up with a bonus ! One thing about VW is she has only gave me singles , big singles , really big singles but never a health problem , never wormy, never sick , never lame. I know a lot of people cull because a ewe will only produce singles and that may be why she ended up at the sale barn. But not me, I would rather have one big healthy lamb than a hard to keep sheep ,a ewe that I always have to baby , a ewe I always have to watch. Bryan a friend of mine was always in awe about how big she is, and it was him who named her VW. VW because she is as big as a VW bus … I don’t recommend buying sheep at the sale barns but every once in a while you will find that special gal , the diamond in the ruff.

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