Improve the Quality of Your Dorper Sheep

KJH Dorper Sheep is located in North Texas 26 miles northwest of Fort Worth, in Azle, TX. If you are looking for registered Dorper breeding stock, we provide quality registered Dorper bucks and resgistered Dorper ewes. Starter flocks are available and are an affordable way to get started with the Dorper sheep breed. Dorper Sheep are easy keepers , fast weight gainers, and since Dorpers are a hair sheep, with their ability to shed, they are very low maintenance.

If you are looking to improve the quality of your terminal lambs, one of our registered full blood bucks on your commercial ewes is a sure way to put weight on your meat lambs. We also have a limited number of commercial Dorper sheep available.

Are you looking to enjoy wonderful lamb meat, KJH Dorper Lamb provides USDA inspected, vacuum sealed, grass fed, local, hormone free, lamb meat. Check out our packages!

Sling Shot

Sling Shot is a April lamb both parents are registered but selling as grade. Site is Ute and has most of his daddy’s  disposition, slick headed and great shedding qualities.  We have a few commercial ewe lambs left and can put a package deal together for fall lambs. $300.00 for Sling Shot 


Jill is a very feminine late spring Fullblood ewe lamb, a very friendly twin. I had her in my replacement pen but need to part with a few. She will be ready for fall breeding and spring lambs. $400.00


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Due to the volume of inquiries and requests that I am getting, I am now requiring a contract and deposit to reserve an order for purchase of my sheep.

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